We are losing The Game

Do we really need another blog talking about how awesome Nintendo's presentation was and how much everyone elses' sucked?  I didn't think so.

Here's something different and proof that my glorious library is losing The Game:

Ann Arbor's Video Game Librarian

Ann Arbor...  You B****h!


Free RPG Day 2010!

Saturday, June 19th is Free RPG day!

Free RPG Day is run like Free Comic Book Day: to give the masses a taste of something new without having to pull out the wallet!

Check out the site for more details on who is giving out what and where!

Great.  Now I'm sad.  Nittany Line Hobbies was the game shop of State College, PA for many years and now it's gone, a victim of poor management rather than the recession.  Comic Swap, which is just around the corner from former Nittany Line, is doing their best to beef up the game selection, but they just don't have the space to carry everything.

From Happy Valley, the closest shop is The Games Keep in West Chester.  Here's to hoping they will participate in Free RPG Day!


Spellcasting... Soda?


Dungeons & Dragons Limited Edition Spellcasting Soda!

Because we could all use some of Bigby's Crushing Thirst Destroyer as we go full swing into con season!