PS3 Roosting

A PS3 has finally come to live with us in a permanent sort of fashion.

Yes, yes. I know what I wrote about the PS3 a year or more ago and I am currently eating crow. Luckily, we have a lot of crow out here and the bastards need to die. Penn State has been chasing them off campus for quite some time and hopefully the dead crow effigies all over town and campus will keep them away. The sad thing is, a .22 and a few bullets would have taken care of the problem a few years ago. Over population of crows cause an imbalance in the local ecosystem, but try telling that to a bunch of hippy 'save the planet' idiots.

I am still floored by the fact that many of them believe that milk cows have to be made pregnant constantly to produce milk. Morons!

But I digress:

Sarah bought the PS3 on sale at Target and picked up Assassin's Creed and Folklore used at Game Stop. Assassin's Creed, you've all heard of, but Folklore is a rare little gem. It's a fairytale style murder mystery. Game play takes some strategy and pre-planning. What makes the game really cool is you get to play 'that guy.'

You know, that guy who always shows up to save the day, is mysterious, and a bit of a creeper? You get to play that guy (whose named Keats by the way) and it suddenly makes sense how he just shows up and drops some tidbit of info on the little hero, Ellen. Ellen, for her part in the game, has totally drunk the kool-aid. For a game that looks so pretty, there's a high body count a la psycho serial killer style. Grab a copy of the game or rent it for some creepy fairytale fun.

The best part of Sarah buying the PS3 is that she immediately realized that she hadn't played Xenosaga. Any of it.

So after buying a PS3, she's been playing the PS2 like a mad woman every night after work. My being off with the baby means I actually get to watch the 'best movie ever played.' She's currently in the middle of the second installment.


Sarah said...

Xenosaga was awesome even if the ending left something to be desired. Ziggy and Jr. kicked some serious butt.

Sarah said...

Also, everyone should play Batman: Arkham Asylum. Everyone. Ever.