A Horrible Discovery!

So I have that itch.

That Castlevania itch.

So I pop Symphony of the Night into the PS2 and switch the new flat screen tv to the game console and...


So, my husband, always to the rescue, started testing all our games and we found that our PSX games will not play with the new tv. Apparently, the lack of a digital signal will keep me from my sweet, sweet Symphony of the Night. Julia is already lamenting the loss of Vagrant Story, which she was in the mood to play again.

All of this has come after we tossed out the clunker, which was still in good working order, to make more room in storage. Oh well. I know someone in my complex has taken it in and is loving it better than I ever had.

They may even be playing Castlevania right now.

So last night, in the middle of the night, I popped Castlevania into the PSP and started hacking my way through the castle.

Since Castlevania is my crack of choice, I have already loaded Harmony of Disonance into the DS, fully charged it, and tossed it into the hospital bag. I figure HoD, with two castles worth of butt-kicking action, will keep me sufficiently distracted during labor. And it seems some how appropriate that a Castlevania whore would give birth while playing Castlevania. Of course, when I get to the giving birth point, I'll have put the game down. It's really hard to push when your in the middle of a boss fight.

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