If you want the country

Okay. This just pisses me off.

Word of warning: this has nothing to do with gaming. So feel free to jump elsewhere if you're just here for the games.

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What the hell is it with people who move out to the country and don't want the country?! Seriously! This is ridiculous!

Listen up, city slickers: The country is NOT for you. Stay in your nice safe city and don't bother the people who are growing your food.

Everyday, more family farms, which are the backbone of organic foods I might add, die because of things like this. Sure, the country is pretty. The country also smells. The country is also noisy. The country is filled with things like wild animals that will roam on your property, and farmers who don't appreciate people telling them that they can't make their livelihood because manure smells.

Hell, just last week a BIG black bear walked across the parking lot of the movieplex a couple miles from my house. And that's normal. In another week, this place will stink to high heaven when the manure is laid out on the fields just after first harvest.

The country is not for the weak of heart. Even if you can live with the noise and smell, nature has full reign out here and nature is dangerous. Dear aren't so pretty anymore after they've busted up your car and sent you to the emergency room.

You want to have the pretty country? Fine. Buy a painting, put it up in your living room, and stay the hell away from us. It will save you money and heartache.

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