Kindred: The Embraced

Not the game. The show.

Remember that piece of crappy yet oddly intriguing thing from the 90's?

In my convalescence last Thursday, I was a captive audience for this travesty and found it eminently more enjoyable the second time around. I believe that this is because I have many years of role-playing the game that spawned it (spawned is the correct word) under my belt. You have a totally different perspective on things after you've spent game after game telling the same player that "Tastes Great!" is more important than "Less Filling." (I'm not kidding.) Suddenly, Julian Luna's insta-wolf transformations don't look so garish and even the crack-pot, conspiracy theorist-slash-detective that everyone argues with rather than kills is acceptable.

With Mark Frankel's premature death, the series died. I think, in the end, that's a good thing. It was one of the few things not touched by meta plot. We had a totally different, if nonsensical, San Fransisco crew. Watching it was a refreshing reminder that not everything was totally ruined by meta plot and it gave players license to be creative.

Hell, my first white wolf experience involved the death of Baba Yaga and the infiltration of Russia by the Camarilla. (No. The old hag wasn't done in by a vampire.) So not meta plot.

If you have the chance, pop on Sci Fi channel and catch some old episodes. You may find, like myself, they are so much better after The Masquerade's implosion.

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