Be Still My Beating Heart!

Check this!

Oh Castlevania! How I love thee! Let me count the ways!


Even My Tissues are Geeky!

Check out my awesome mini tissue holder!

It is plastic canvas with Caron Simply Soft yarn.

The basic pattern is this:

Cut 1 piece of plastic canvas 25 x 38 for back.
Cut 2 pieces of plastic canvas 11 x 38 for front.

With yarn and yarn needle, stitch whatever you want on the front and back before sewing pieces together. Stuff with tissues.

You get extra points for eye sore-ness. ;)


oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!

Darth Vader Spared Jail in Attack on Jedi Church

The Associated Press

HOLYHEAD, Wales -- A man who dressed up as Darth Vader, wearing a garbage bag for a cape, and assaulted the founders of a group calling itself the Jedi church was given a suspended sentence Tuesday.

Arwel Wynne Hughes, 27, attacked Jedi church founder Barney Jones -- aka Master Jonba Hehol -- with a metal crutch, hitting him on the head, prosecutors told Holyhead Magistrates' Court.

He also whacked Jones' 18-year-old cousin, Michael Jones -- known as Master Mormi Hehol -- bruising his thigh in the March 25 incident, prosecutors said.

The two cousins and Barney Jones' brother, Daniel, set up the Church of Jediism, Anglesey order, last year. Jedi is the faith followed by some of the central characters in the "Star Wars" films.

The group, which claims about 30 members, says on its Web site that it uses "insight and knowledge" from the films as "a guide to living a better and more worthwhile life."

"We all love the films and what they stand for. Obviously some people are going to laugh about it," the Wales on Sunday newspaper quoted Barney Jones as saying last month. "But a lot of people do take it seriously."

Unfortunately for Hughes, his March attack was recorded on a video camera that the cousins had set up to film themselves in a light saber battle.

"Darth Vader! Jedis!" Hughes shouted as he approached.

Hughes claimed he couldn't remember the incident, having drunk the better part of a 2 1/2-gallon (10-liter) box of wine beforehand.

"He knows his behavior was wrong and didn't want it to happen but he has no recollection of it," said Hughes' lawyer, Frances Jones.

District Judge Andrew Shaw sentenced Hughes to two months in jail but suspended the sentence for one year. He also ordered Hughes to pay $195 to each of his victims and $117 in court costs.

In the 2001 United Kingdom census, 390,000 -- 0.7 percent of the population -- listed Jedi as their religion.

Oh Wow, Man!


Video Game to Find a Cure for AIDS

The game is, apparently, an elaborate form of Tetris.

See? Video games are not only good for you, playing them helps others!


Kindred: The Embraced

Not the game. The show.

Remember that piece of crappy yet oddly intriguing thing from the 90's?

In my convalescence last Thursday, I was a captive audience for this travesty and found it eminently more enjoyable the second time around. I believe that this is because I have many years of role-playing the game that spawned it (spawned is the correct word) under my belt. You have a totally different perspective on things after you've spent game after game telling the same player that "Tastes Great!" is more important than "Less Filling." (I'm not kidding.) Suddenly, Julian Luna's insta-wolf transformations don't look so garish and even the crack-pot, conspiracy theorist-slash-detective that everyone argues with rather than kills is acceptable.

With Mark Frankel's premature death, the series died. I think, in the end, that's a good thing. It was one of the few things not touched by meta plot. We had a totally different, if nonsensical, San Fransisco crew. Watching it was a refreshing reminder that not everything was totally ruined by meta plot and it gave players license to be creative.

Hell, my first white wolf experience involved the death of Baba Yaga and the infiltration of Russia by the Camarilla. (No. The old hag wasn't done in by a vampire.) So not meta plot.

If you have the chance, pop on Sci Fi channel and catch some old episodes. You may find, like myself, they are so much better after The Masquerade's implosion.