Speaking of Silent Hill

We now have Silent Hill 5 screenshots!

Originally, the game was called 'No Escape' and it's been changed to 'Homecoming.' This works better as calling the game no escape would be a little redundant.

I keep avoiding the purchase of a PS3, but since it Sony won the hi-def wars (and by extension, I'm eating crow), I know I won't be able to put it off for much longer. I am already sold on the 360, and since Homecoming will be coming out on both platforms, I may avoid it just a little longer.

In a strange twist of fate, Europe will see the release of the game before us. And though I don't begrudge them that, it may kill the U.S. release. Game companies complain about theft, but they don't take the obvious step to stop it, which is simultaneous release. By the time the game hits shelves here, most fans will either have bought the European edition or stolen it.

Anyway, it looks like our new everyman, Alex Shepherd, is hitching a ride with an older Travis Grady, the star of Origins, in the screenshots. This isn't official, just what it looks like in what we've seen so far.

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