Giving In: Again...

Castlevania, my gaming addiction of choice, has called to me, and I am now looking to buy a PSP for my sweet, sweet Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles addiction. The announcement that flOw would be ported to the PSP earlier had chipped away at my resistance, but Castlevania drove the stake into the heart of it all.

So now I'm pricing PSPs. I stopped into the local Gamestop to have a look at the used ones and checkout FF7: Crisis Core. I found the used PSPs, but did I even find a hint of Crisis Core? Nope.

Now I understand that Gamestop makes the vast majority of their dough on used games. That's fine. But if you don't sell some new games, there won't be any used ones to sell back to you. Right?



I walked over to Wally-World to check out what they had in PSP games. Keep in mind that this is a 'big blue box' in the middle of 'college town gamer central.' They had a total of five PSP games: Spongebob Squarepants, Sega Genesis Collection, Harvest Moon, Tiger Woods PGA 08, and Patapon.

Wow. I thought I remembered Sony saying the PSP was going to be a 'grown-up' DS. Yet another thing they have to take back. Granted, Patapon looks cool, but do we really need another Spongebob game? Have we not suffered enough with the massive amount of Pokemon?

Again, I am stuck with buying what I want off the net. Ebay, my on again off again lover, would be great if all the gamers on the damn thing would agree that we would never bid over a certain amount for anything and therefore drive the prices of what we want down. Seriously! You're not shopping victoriously when your paying more for something (+ shipping) that a quick trip to Best Buy wouldn't get you cheaper. Do yourself a favor and check the retail price at a big box store before bidding!!!

So, I am still sans PSP, though I will have one on April 30th (aka payday!), as it is my promised reward for kicking ass and getting a new job. And I will also be getting the nifty little hook-up that will let me play on the big screen tv in the living room. Because we need to see why the travesty that is Sephiroth went so badly. (Oh technology! How I love you!)

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