Aquarius Training

With Origins on the horizon, I've been debating whether or not Everybody vs. Andy would be enough for me in the Looney Labs events. I love watching Andy run around like a chicken with his head cut off and still manage to beat 20-30 people at 20-30 games at a time. Last year was the first time I managed to beat Andy and I did it with Aquarius.

This is kind of a shame because Fluxx is my love. It's also cool, because he has the longest hair and it shows my skill that I beat him anyway.

So now I'm Aquarius training in the hopes that I can compete in the Origins Aquarius tournament. I'm even growing my hair out to give me an advantage. I'm after a flower this year and I'm going to get one!

I'm also hoping the Ice House Champion will teach another Ice House seminar. I had a great time last year and want to learn more about the nuances of a deceptively simple game. Oh, for those of you who hit the jump, it takes you to Tree House, which is the game you can play with a single Ice House set. The "Playing With Pyramids" book has the rules for Ice House.

Of course, a late night game of "Are you the Werewolf?" is always a riot. I have a friend who took the werewolf deck and made characters for each of the villagers to act out. Because, as we all know, it needs to be even worse than it was before. Andy was pretty impressed with the idea at last Origins... Well, that was until we declared him the werewolf. XD

If you head to Origins this year and are the crafty sort, I suggest hanging out with Kristen in the Looney Labs. She'll teach you how to make a carrot headband.

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