Speaking of Silent Hill

We now have Silent Hill 5 screenshots!

Originally, the game was called 'No Escape' and it's been changed to 'Homecoming.' This works better as calling the game no escape would be a little redundant.

I keep avoiding the purchase of a PS3, but since it Sony won the hi-def wars (and by extension, I'm eating crow), I know I won't be able to put it off for much longer. I am already sold on the 360, and since Homecoming will be coming out on both platforms, I may avoid it just a little longer.

In a strange twist of fate, Europe will see the release of the game before us. And though I don't begrudge them that, it may kill the U.S. release. Game companies complain about theft, but they don't take the obvious step to stop it, which is simultaneous release. By the time the game hits shelves here, most fans will either have bought the European edition or stolen it.

Anyway, it looks like our new everyman, Alex Shepherd, is hitching a ride with an older Travis Grady, the star of Origins, in the screenshots. This isn't official, just what it looks like in what we've seen so far.


Silent Hill Origins

As soon as I found out the prequel was available for the PS2, I nabbed it for my husband. He's only just started it, so I a proper review will have to wait.

I do want to say that the map function is 100% better than previous games.

The graphics are pretty darn good for a hand held port to console. I don't ever begrudge Silent Hill looking nothing like Final Fantasy because the crispy visuals just aren't good material for Silent Hill's sort of horror. In fact, the visual gets grainy and the tracking goes wiggy when a monster is close by. It makes it easier to know when to look, though some of the monsters are harder to kill.

Big Hint: Grab every IV stand you can find. They kill things fast and resist breaking for a while.


Oldest and Youngest

Here's me and Noah! Noah is the youngest of my cousins. I'm the oldest of all the cousins. I turn 30 this year and Noah is barely pushing a year.

Isn't he adorable?


Aquarius Training

With Origins on the horizon, I've been debating whether or not Everybody vs. Andy would be enough for me in the Looney Labs events. I love watching Andy run around like a chicken with his head cut off and still manage to beat 20-30 people at 20-30 games at a time. Last year was the first time I managed to beat Andy and I did it with Aquarius.

This is kind of a shame because Fluxx is my love. It's also cool, because he has the longest hair and it shows my skill that I beat him anyway.

So now I'm Aquarius training in the hopes that I can compete in the Origins Aquarius tournament. I'm even growing my hair out to give me an advantage. I'm after a flower this year and I'm going to get one!

I'm also hoping the Ice House Champion will teach another Ice House seminar. I had a great time last year and want to learn more about the nuances of a deceptively simple game. Oh, for those of you who hit the jump, it takes you to Tree House, which is the game you can play with a single Ice House set. The "Playing With Pyramids" book has the rules for Ice House.

Of course, a late night game of "Are you the Werewolf?" is always a riot. I have a friend who took the werewolf deck and made characters for each of the villagers to act out. Because, as we all know, it needs to be even worse than it was before. Andy was pretty impressed with the idea at last Origins... Well, that was until we declared him the werewolf. XD

If you head to Origins this year and are the crafty sort, I suggest hanging out with Kristen in the Looney Labs. She'll teach you how to make a carrot headband.

Giving In: Again...

Castlevania, my gaming addiction of choice, has called to me, and I am now looking to buy a PSP for my sweet, sweet Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles addiction. The announcement that flOw would be ported to the PSP earlier had chipped away at my resistance, but Castlevania drove the stake into the heart of it all.

So now I'm pricing PSPs. I stopped into the local Gamestop to have a look at the used ones and checkout FF7: Crisis Core. I found the used PSPs, but did I even find a hint of Crisis Core? Nope.

Now I understand that Gamestop makes the vast majority of their dough on used games. That's fine. But if you don't sell some new games, there won't be any used ones to sell back to you. Right?



I walked over to Wally-World to check out what they had in PSP games. Keep in mind that this is a 'big blue box' in the middle of 'college town gamer central.' They had a total of five PSP games: Spongebob Squarepants, Sega Genesis Collection, Harvest Moon, Tiger Woods PGA 08, and Patapon.

Wow. I thought I remembered Sony saying the PSP was going to be a 'grown-up' DS. Yet another thing they have to take back. Granted, Patapon looks cool, but do we really need another Spongebob game? Have we not suffered enough with the massive amount of Pokemon?

Again, I am stuck with buying what I want off the net. Ebay, my on again off again lover, would be great if all the gamers on the damn thing would agree that we would never bid over a certain amount for anything and therefore drive the prices of what we want down. Seriously! You're not shopping victoriously when your paying more for something (+ shipping) that a quick trip to Best Buy wouldn't get you cheaper. Do yourself a favor and check the retail price at a big box store before bidding!!!

So, I am still sans PSP, though I will have one on April 30th (aka payday!), as it is my promised reward for kicking ass and getting a new job. And I will also be getting the nifty little hook-up that will let me play on the big screen tv in the living room. Because we need to see why the travesty that is Sephiroth went so badly. (Oh technology! How I love you!)