Yesterday, the father of role-playing left us. E. Gary Gygax left us too young at age 69.

It was extremely surreal. You never know what kind of impact a person has one your life until they're gone.

I was working on some D&D stuff for my DM when I got the news. And I was much more devastated than I thought I'd be.

Gary's the reason for a lot of things for me. He's the reason a relationship even developed between my husband and I when we started dating. He's the reason I made it through the toughest times in college. He's the reason I became so interested in religious studies. He's the reason I go to Origins every year to hang out with total strangers and leave with new friends.

Gary's the reason for a lot of other things. He's the reason people have become doctors, actors, and writers. He's the reason people who have nothing in common gather around a table together. He's the reason games aren't just about winning.

He's the reason for a world wide community of gamers, all of whom mourn him today.

Today, I'm at work, with tears in my eyes and a sniffle in my nose. I know that gaming will go on. It's so much bigger than one person. But the person who encouraged our imaginations from the beginning is gone. And now there will always be a Gary shaped hole in our hearts.

We miss you Gary.

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