Giving In

Well, I've finally done it. I now have a cell phone.

I'm so disappointed in myself. I've been playing with the damn thing every night.

In an attempt to assert my dominance over it, I added Bejeweled (also known as crack) and Poppit! (also known as uncut crack). I am so screwed.

I have to say that I'm proud of myself for resisting the entire 'perfect background and/or ring tone' insanity that has taken over the rest of my household. While my husband scours the net for Dr. Who backgrounds and ringtones, I just took a picture of my favorite fabric and set it as my background. In some way, I'm hoping this will help motivate me into starting my new backpack. The one I've currently got is killing my shoulders, and, as a bursitis vicitm, I need to watch that.

That's right. No pictures of Joachim Armster or Albel Nox or Sephiroth. Just fabric. Let my husband struggle to find a pic of David Tennant that isn't distorted by the phone. I'm happy.

All that said, I haven't actually used my phone that much. And watching the way the students in library use theirs is kind of disturbing. A whole gaggle of girls walked in. They were obviously together as they stopped and waited as a group when one had to break off to do something. The weird part was that they never spoke to each other. They were all on their cellphones, talking to someone else.

It's things like that, that make me envy my grandmother's generation. They understood the value of actually physically seeing a friend to talk. But maybe that's the difference. These kids don't have friends. They just have a large group of acquaintances that they talk to so they don't feel lonely. It's simultaneously creepy and disheartening.


Sarah said...

Hah! My insanity had less to do with finding the perfect ringtone than with triumphing over the technological terror... er... my computer. I refuse to be thwarted by a mere machine!

Renarudo said...

They don't offer Bejeweled on my phone, and let's thank the lords that they don't, because between texting and internet and AIM, my battery is dead at 7pm on a normal work day.

I love your blog, btw, it's definitely going in my sidebar. Update more often!