Super Smash Brothers

Last Friday, a bunch of the kids came over for a night filled with Mr. Game and Watch turning into an octopus and Jigglypuff (Did I spell that right? Dear Lord, I hope not...) expanding faster than a helium balloon. So the boys could play, I did all the running around. I did, however, get in on the last round of horror and learned something fascinating about myself:

I am still able to pick up any fighter and kick ass with it.

Go Me!

Of course, it wasn't that hard to do. The custom stage sucked and it's easy to avoid death when the bottom of the stage is covered with spikes. Spikes won't kill you, but your percentages will go to hell.

Yes. I played Zelda/Sheik. I am a fangirl through and through.

Back to fighters.

Remember this?

Ah yeah, baby! I love Mortal Kombat! Even as a little kid, I could never understand what people were so up in arms about with the blood spray. I thought the blood spray was cool. No other game I had at the time had blood spray. My cousins and I would play Mortal Kombat into the wee hours. Fast forward to Mortal Kombat 3 and the massive MK3 tournaments and I was in hog heaven!

I have fond memories of handing men of all ages their asses when they tried to "teach" me that Mortal Kombat was a "man's game." Yeah right.

Anyway, I am salivating over the rumors of a Final Fantasy Fighter. The chance to whoop Sephiroth's girly butt with Aerith is very appealing. Then there's just playing Sephiroth. I know he's a pretty-mouthed pansy, but remember: Fangirl talking.

I'd love to see some of the Castlevania men appear in a fighter: Simon, Leon, Soma...

You were waiting for Alucard, right? He goes without saying.

What if we could have an Ubi-Soft fighter?!

Rayman vs. Altair
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. Atsuma
Prince of Persia vs. Rabbids
Jade vs. Travis Touchdown
Bomberman vs. Rianna Saren
Winnie the Pooh vs. Lloyd

Wow. That got weird fast. I didn't even add in all the Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six stuff.

Can I have a fighter with Yuri from Shadow Hearts and Dante from Devil May Cry, please?

Cheat Sheet!
Rayman/Assassin's Creed
TMNT/Enchanted Arms
Prince Of Persia/Raving Rabbids
Beyond Good and Evil/No More Heroes
Bomberman/Star Wars Lethal Alliance
Winnie the Pooh/Astonishia


Giving In

Well, I've finally done it. I now have a cell phone.

I'm so disappointed in myself. I've been playing with the damn thing every night.

In an attempt to assert my dominance over it, I added Bejeweled (also known as crack) and Poppit! (also known as uncut crack). I am so screwed.

I have to say that I'm proud of myself for resisting the entire 'perfect background and/or ring tone' insanity that has taken over the rest of my household. While my husband scours the net for Dr. Who backgrounds and ringtones, I just took a picture of my favorite fabric and set it as my background. In some way, I'm hoping this will help motivate me into starting my new backpack. The one I've currently got is killing my shoulders, and, as a bursitis vicitm, I need to watch that.

That's right. No pictures of Joachim Armster or Albel Nox or Sephiroth. Just fabric. Let my husband struggle to find a pic of David Tennant that isn't distorted by the phone. I'm happy.

All that said, I haven't actually used my phone that much. And watching the way the students in library use theirs is kind of disturbing. A whole gaggle of girls walked in. They were obviously together as they stopped and waited as a group when one had to break off to do something. The weird part was that they never spoke to each other. They were all on their cellphones, talking to someone else.

It's things like that, that make me envy my grandmother's generation. They understood the value of actually physically seeing a friend to talk. But maybe that's the difference. These kids don't have friends. They just have a large group of acquaintances that they talk to so they don't feel lonely. It's simultaneously creepy and disheartening.



Yesterday, the father of role-playing left us. E. Gary Gygax left us too young at age 69.

It was extremely surreal. You never know what kind of impact a person has one your life until they're gone.

I was working on some D&D stuff for my DM when I got the news. And I was much more devastated than I thought I'd be.

Gary's the reason for a lot of things for me. He's the reason a relationship even developed between my husband and I when we started dating. He's the reason I made it through the toughest times in college. He's the reason I became so interested in religious studies. He's the reason I go to Origins every year to hang out with total strangers and leave with new friends.

Gary's the reason for a lot of other things. He's the reason people have become doctors, actors, and writers. He's the reason people who have nothing in common gather around a table together. He's the reason games aren't just about winning.

He's the reason for a world wide community of gamers, all of whom mourn him today.

Today, I'm at work, with tears in my eyes and a sniffle in my nose. I know that gaming will go on. It's so much bigger than one person. But the person who encouraged our imaginations from the beginning is gone. And now there will always be a Gary shaped hole in our hearts.

We miss you Gary.