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On to Odin Sphere!

I actually finished Odin Sphere a few weeks ago and engaged in letting the deliciousness of it simmer for a while. My only major complaint, as noted before, is the lack of decent clothing on Odin's favorite people.

For a game that recycles the vast majority of its scenery and level design, it never got old. I ran around for hours on end without getting bored. Once I figured out how to make quick cash and turn over elixirs left and right, the game went very smoothly and let me get every part of the bonus ending material.

Does that mean the game was easy? Oh hell no! I got my butt whooped a lot before I learned how to attack properly. (I'm one of those 'run-in-and-kill-them-all' types.)

So what complaints do I have besides the lack of clothing on Velvet and Brigan?

* Battles slowed down when too much was happening on the screen.
This happened a LOT when fighting Odette. She summoned so many monsters that the frame rate slowed down to "Oh My God, Kill Me Now to End This Torture" levels.

* Saying Velvet is a prime contestant for American Idol: Pr0n edition does not make you a prude.
Not only could she not dress herself, she couldn't act with decorum at any point in time. Now, the poor thing has gone through massive psychological trauma (abandoning her mother to a gruesome death, physical and psychological abuse at the hands of her grandfather, finding out her brother is a raving lunatic), but none of these are a reason to fall on all fours and beg someone to do something when you can beat them to death. And the Phozon gathering/release for her weapon is just wrong. (Or maybe my head is too far down in the gutter.)

Velvet aside, I really enjoyed the game and the plot intersection did not confuse at all. Stories wove around each other without ever getting in each other's way, which is a feet in and of itself. Atlus gets full marks. Though the dialog poured over you like soap opera bath water, it was never too cliche.

Lack of foul language and as much violence as Kingdom Hearts makes this a good story for the family to sit around and play.

Just don't let your daughters grow up to be Velvet.

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