Yes. I know I'm behind, but I have pictures!

Here is Sarah, as the Library Jedi, attacking the head of her department, Larry.

And here is me, as an Infernal from Iron Kingdoms. Check out the awesomeness of my two tone hair and nifty Halloween socks!

Sarah's costume took me a few days because the tabards were such a pain in the butt.

My costume took four hours. It's not exactly finished, but was good enough for Halloween. I need to adjust the 'corset' top so that it fits better. You can't see it in the picture, but the vest is embroidered and needs more work to be uniform. I also need a longer skirt, the 'armor' that goes over the purple sash, and the sigil that goes on right where the front of the costume opens a bit. Still, I'm happy with the current results. The next costume project is an 'authentic' Jedi costume for Sarah and a Jedi Librarian costume for myself.

Yes, I will have a lightsaber. Sarah is making it for me! :)