Does she know how to use a computer?

Poor Sarah.

I've posted on her before, but this one is a doozy:

Sarah is a scanner monkey for Digitization and Preservation. Her office address is in the Digital Resource Center. She works on huge projects that involve a lot of coding and programming. She spends her entire day in front of a massive computer screen. She was hired for her computing skills.

When the head of Digitization and Preservation asked for people to help out on a digital project, Sarah's supervisor recommended her.

Guess what the head of the department asked.

Go on.


Keep in mind that the head of this department has seen Sarah do nothing but use a computer.

Guess what she asked!

Are you ready for this?

"Does Sarah know how to use a computer?"

Go ahead and read into that statement. The head of a computer heavy department is so computer illiterate, she doesn't actually know what a computer looks like. She has a laptop that she has never turned on and does not know how to use. She considers it a status item and won't requisition any for her staff, who desperately need them I might add, because they aren't good enough to have laptops.

We pray that Sarah will find a better job soon.


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