A Decent Pair of Pants

This isn't the Odin Sphere review yet, but it is a comment I have.

What is it with Odin and the mostly naked? He only likes people who need a decent pair of pants.

Two of his daughters fight for him, one till death, and the other to the edge of sanity. Which daughter does he love? Velvet. The one who hates him and wants to see him dead. She does not wear pants. In fact, she barely wears anything.

And then you have Lord Brigan. This tub of lard is a traitorous moron. So why does Odin keep him around? Is it that they are both deceitful peas in a pod? No! I submit that it is because Brigan doesn't wear pants. And I don't count the two dead wolves he wears for shoulder pads as clothing.

Odin's problems can be summed up very neatly: He is too distracted by naked people. If Odin said he wanted them oiled up for a battle royal (or maybe mud wrestling), I wouldn't be surprised. That's not a boss fight. It's a travesty!

For God's sake, someone put some clothing on these people!

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