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A Decent Pair of Pants

This isn't the Odin Sphere review yet, but it is a comment I have.

What is it with Odin and the mostly naked? He only likes people who need a decent pair of pants.

Two of his daughters fight for him, one till death, and the other to the edge of sanity. Which daughter does he love? Velvet. The one who hates him and wants to see him dead. She does not wear pants. In fact, she barely wears anything.

And then you have Lord Brigan. This tub of lard is a traitorous moron. So why does Odin keep him around? Is it that they are both deceitful peas in a pod? No! I submit that it is because Brigan doesn't wear pants. And I don't count the two dead wolves he wears for shoulder pads as clothing.

Odin's problems can be summed up very neatly: He is too distracted by naked people. If Odin said he wanted them oiled up for a battle royal (or maybe mud wrestling), I wouldn't be surprised. That's not a boss fight. It's a travesty!

For God's sake, someone put some clothing on these people!



Dave and I just celebrated our 4th anniversary! Yay!

To celebrate, he gave me a Pucca purse. I loves the Pucca!

And then we watched Star Wars: Clone Wars.

We are such geeks. :P


Does she know how to use a computer?

Poor Sarah.

I've posted on her before, but this one is a doozy:

Sarah is a scanner monkey for Digitization and Preservation. Her office address is in the Digital Resource Center. She works on huge projects that involve a lot of coding and programming. She spends her entire day in front of a massive computer screen. She was hired for her computing skills.

When the head of Digitization and Preservation asked for people to help out on a digital project, Sarah's supervisor recommended her.

Guess what the head of the department asked.

Go on.


Keep in mind that the head of this department has seen Sarah do nothing but use a computer.

Guess what she asked!

Are you ready for this?

"Does Sarah know how to use a computer?"

Go ahead and read into that statement. The head of a computer heavy department is so computer illiterate, she doesn't actually know what a computer looks like. She has a laptop that she has never turned on and does not know how to use. She considers it a status item and won't requisition any for her staff, who desperately need them I might add, because they aren't good enough to have laptops.

We pray that Sarah will find a better job soon.



Back! Or something similar...

I'm still alive! I swear! I think...

It's nice to know that people are still stopping by to read, even when I'm not posting.

When last we left, it was August and I had almost nothing to say. I still don't have much to say, but I have been busy. I finished two crocheted blankets, most of my Christmas shopping, learned to knit, and am working on a new coat.

I am in the middle of Odin Sphere. Which is totally awesome! I'll say something about it when I finish it. Don't avoid it because it's a true 2-D platformer. It rocks!

The composer who worked on Odin Sphere's score also did Vagrant Story, which is my friend Julia's fav game. Vagrant Story, for those who missed it, is a PSX game from the people who bring us Final Fantasy. The poor main character, Ashley, spends the entire game being screwed over mentally and emotionally. Think Cloud, but actually being tortured. This has caused a resurgence of Vagrant Story love in the house. We come home to Vagrant Story and wake up to Odin Sphere. It's all good.

I'm also playing Dawn of Sorrow for the 80th time. When I travel, I take the DS with me and I've been traveling a lot lately. I've been to the Stroudsmoor, which is awesome! If you want a great place to stay and really want to feel like you're in the middle of no where (but not actually), this is it.

I'm currently reading 'Mysterious Journey to the North Sea Part Two' by Kikuchi. Yes, I need my vampire hunter D love and Kikuchi never fails to provide in an overly fanboy way. The only writer I've ever seen who loved their own character that much is Anne Rice. She's gotten over Lestat in recent years, but a quick browse through any of her vampire novels will reveal a long time love affair with her own imagination.

That's not necessarily a bad thing. I just got tired of hearing about Lestat.