The Wolverine Scale

The Wolverine Scale was developed by my friend Julia (see here, here, and here), who believes that Wolverine was created for the sole purpose of being the most bad ass thing in the known universe.

The Wolverine Scale is 1 through 5, with Wolverine being a 6. This scale does not rate coolness, though Wolverine is very cool. It only rates according to how bad ass the person is. No one other than Wolverine can have a rating higher than five. Using the examples below, we can ascertain how bad ass a person is, based on Wolverine.

The Wolverine Scale

1. Gordon Freeman (Yeah, he's awesome, but even I wear contacts.)

2. Sephiroth (I love the man, but he was more pretty than Bad Ass.)

3. Albel Nox, Chuck Norris

4. Dante, Captain America (Say what you want, this dude is Bad Ass.)

5. Link, Bruce Lee, Yuri (of Shadow Hearts), Samuel Jackson

6. Wolverine