The Tech Specialist

I'm tiered of hearing people bitch about the Tech Specialist for D20 Star Wars.

"It can't fight! It can't do anything! Waaaaaaaaaa!"

No, the original Tech Specialist can't fight. But that wasn't the point. The Tech Specialist is exactly that: a specialist.

I play a Tech Specialist for the Star Wars Eats Your Soul! Campaign. My tech's ranks center around astrogate, pilot, computers, technology, droids, and various types of starship weaponry. My tech is not Force-sensitive. This is the list of what the character has accomplished so far:

  • built transforming knife droids that hook onto their target and dig in
  • distracted, injured, and incapacitated dark jedi and sith wannabees by playing with gravity controls, hacking computers, blowing up their stuff, decompressing rooms, and tossing desks.
  • crawled into a ship's mainframe from a vent and rewired the whole thing
  • jacked an assassin's speeder to flip on top of him when he tried to get away
  • started a gang war on Tatooine
  • hacked sith technology
  • exposed an Imperial remnant base just by paying attention to floor plans
  • saved Jaina Solo
  • talked shop with Luke Skywalker on moisture farming
  • found home holovids of Anakin and Padme
  • turned a tourist submersible into an actual submarine with turbo lasers
  • disarmed a shield array, upside down, under water
  • found one of Vader's imperial installations in the undercity of Coruscant
  • rigged a dying ship to go four times its speed in order to go half way around the Outer Rim in half the time
  • saved the mother of the jedi heroine of the story
  • ran a blockade of Star Destroyers to get to a sieged planet
  • saved two Corellian ambassadors and their guests at a party
  • paraded as a mercenary on Star Destroyer to get into a cloning lab in the Deep Core
  • piped a static feed into the headsets of mind controlled Stormtroopers to disorient them
  • hijacked a capital ship
  • hijacked a Star Destroyer with Imperials on board (decompression's a bitch)
  • built an ion cannon out of farm equipment
  • was mentioned, not by name, but by nickname, by Grand Admiral Thrawn (scary bastard) to the senate and Jedi counsel as having considerable skills. He was rather impressed with her ability to hijack his new Star Destroyer and out manuevar his ship.
  • was also mentioned by nickname by the technical genius (if idiotic sith wannabee) Dalt as being almost as good as him
Dalt was, in fact, quite flattered when she said, "I've seen you with a lightsaber. I'm more worried about the cortex bomb."

To play a Tech Specialist you need two things: a smart player and a GM who isn't drooling over lightsaber battles. The Star Wars world, leaving Jedi aside, is a Tech dream. Everything you do is guided by some form of technology. Buildings, ships, even whole planets, are climate controlled. Droids serve almost every function and cyborg parts are readily available. A tech can take any part of his surrondings and use it to his advantage. A tech who's small and agile can not only hide behind fighters, but crawl into vents and machinery to control it from the inside.

The most useful character in the enter Star Wars universe is the tech. Sure, Jedi are uber-cool, but they die just as fast as everyone else in the vacuum of space. And sure, scoundrels, fringers, and soldiers have weapons skills, but tose same weapons turn to crap when introduced to a strong enough magnet. And sure, dark side jedi are evil and cunning, but zero-g training just isn't in the sith handbook.

The tech specialist wins. Hands down.

me out.

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