All I Want for Christmas

With the shark-like present frenzy that will happen in my mother's basement on Christmas morn approaching, there are really only three things I can think about:

1. Jesus (I am a Christian.)
2. Origins (yeah, I know it's seven months away)
3. Payday (with which I will buy more games)

I have Legos Star Wars (both) on my list for Christmas, so I'm not allowed to purchase them for their sweet, sweet inards. Instead, I will have to drool over Okami, dot.Hack G.U., Raving Rabids, and Bully.

I am a BIG Rayman fan. I played the original Rayman on the Atari Jaguar. They've always wanted to do crazy rabbits for Rayman and finally, I get to see some crazy rabbit action. And cow tossing. Did I mention cow tossing? The only thing, besides cow tossing, that will make me happy is Globox punching. Man, I hate that thing. (Yes, I know it has children. I feel sorry for them.)

dot. Hack has its own problems. The original series was phenomenal with a ton of TV, straight to DVD, and toy tie-ins. There was a reason for this. dot.Hack is produced by Bandai. Bandai will not do a video game unless it has an audience before production. Street Fighter, Inuyasha, Naruto: all of these things had serious fan bases before the games were released. dot.Hack was a shot in the dark for them. To make sure they could sell the games, they created a fan base in reverse. While producing the game, they inundated the market with an animated series and tons of cool toys.

They didn't need to. The games took off on their own. Finally, we get to see more of the dot.Hack world. Bandai still hasn't learned their lesson though. They are still producing a ton of stuff to go with G.U., even though it can stand confidently on the shoulders of its predecessors. Everyone who loved the original series will give the new game a go.

Though I haven't heard a lot of positive things about G.U. (battles are quick, but controls are clunky). I have seen that most people are giving it at least a 70% out of 100. That means it's doing better in reviews than my fav game Shadow Hearts (the original). I have a feeling I won't mind plunking money down on it.

Bully is still calling me. I think it's funny that with the rush of two new console releases and Gears of War on the horizon that everyone seems to have forgotten about Bully. Which is good since it doesn't deserve the bad hype. And before anyone mentions kissing boys, most gamers will play the glitch once for kicks and then get back into the serious game play.

People play games for two things: fun (which is stress relieving) and stories. You can't get Lord of the Rings everyday, but video games seem to manage an epic that can change your life once a year or so.

More on that later.

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