Send in the Clones

Because mc-chan asked, here are the clones of This Army Life!

Number One:
This clone is the only perfect clone of Sephiroth and has the number one tattooed on his wrist. Personality wise, he's a much more relaxed version of the General, though he does have his 'Nibelheim delenda est' moments. He has a thing for Aeris.

Number Two:
This clone is the total invention of the Crow That Caws At Half Pass Six. He is a Hojo wannabe, and is honestly better than the good doctor, but Number One keeps him in line.

Number Three:
If Sephiroth ever turned into a California surfer dude, he'd be Number Three.

Number Four:
If Sephiroth ever went into the punk rock scene,he'd be Number Four.

Number Six:
A misshapen, green skinned, dog like Sephiroth. He loves frisbee, pizza, and licking peoples faces. He does, occasionally, like to prove that he is just as intelligent as his siblings, just not often.

Number Seven:
Seven is a basic clone of normal intelligence. He's a great singer and directs the Jenova Mako-Chamber Choir.

Clone Eight:
Makes a brief appearance. Basic clone.

Clone Ten:
Makes a brief appearance. Basic clone.

Number Thirteen and Fourteen:
A set of clone twins. Thirteen is the girl. She was recently given a growth serum, but now is back to normal. Here is the fan art Koi-Chi drew of them!

Clone 15:
Member of the Jenova Mako-Chamber Choir.

Clone 25:
Member of the Jenova Mako-Chamber Choir.

Number 43:
This clone loves to talk and wants desperately to be experimented on.

Clone 56:
An amorphous blob with an excellent singing voice. Don't ask how that works, I don't know. Member of the Jenova Mako-Chamber Choir.

There are thousands of clones, but only a few make it into the story. The clones have decided that they won't be numbered anymore and the new ones will have names like Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo. The baby sister mentioned in Episode 24 will be named Lu. Short for Lucretia.

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