PS3 vs Wii

I was asked recently if I was excited by the release of two big consoles so soon upon us. The answer is no.

I didn't even pre-order either of them.

I am a Sony girl, but between the glitches they know about, the ones they don't, problems with back-compatibility, and a few stores refusing to even take pre-orders, I figured I can wait. It's a good idea in the long run anyway. I save money and get a better product in a year. I really want to play a game? Rent-a-Center has me covered.

And for the Wii. I grew up with Nintendo and I'm excited about being able to play old games like Life Force again. Because I love Life Force. If you haven't played it, you've missed out. Because Life Force is awesome.

Anyway, as much as it interests me, the one game I'm interested in Wii-wise is Zelda, which is being released on the Cube as well. I'm covered. I'll wait for the first price drop saving myself money and a whole bunch of glitches yet to be discovered.

To be honest, I haven't been less excited in years. I have my PS2 and DS. Castlevania, Portrait of Ruin is coming out in a month and I've already put down most of the cost on my pre-order. I just got a brand new video card, so my computer game habit will not go neglected.

So which do I want? Neither. I'm good.

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