Voltaire had it right

Voltaire (the French satirist, not the singer) said: I have prayed but one prayer. Oh Lord, make my enemies ridiculous. And he granted it.

Jack Thompson has landed himself in some pretty hot water over the Bully Fiasco. Thanks to Game Politics for the report.

There's been a lot of screaming about Bully.

Let me rephase that.

There's been a lot of morons screaming about Bully.

Instead of griping, head down to Blockbuster and rent a copy. Don't say you think it's dangerous unless you've played the game. You all sound like Donna Shalala who didn't see the tape of her students beating the crap out of other players and made her judgements on what others told her. Stop making judgements based on what others tell you and see for yourself.

Our enemies, oh video game enthusiasts, are ridiculous. Thank God.

I mean, God forbid, we have a video game that encourages making friends across cliques, teaches advanced inter-socialization, assertiveness, attentiveness in class (you need to go to class in this game and get good grades to perform necessary functions later), ingenuity, daring, courage, that being bad get's you in trouble, and to stand up to bullies!!!!

What happened to the culture of teaching our children not to bully others and to stand up to bullies? The only people who think learning to stand up to bullies in a mature fashion is a bad idea are people the most afraid of bullies. They spent their lives trying to kowtow to these people to avoid physical and emotional pain.

I've seen these people. I work with them. They cringe in fear of the 'higher ups' and the mean clients. I can't stand the sense of awe they treat me with because I do the right thing and stand up to the bullies. And the bullies treat me with respect because I stood up to them.

Bully is a video game with out one drop of blood shed. "Weapons" break within three swats. Playing hookie nets you detention. Getting caught out late nets you a trip to the principal's office. Doing something bad nets you punishment. Where else are you going to get that?

Apparently, not at Miami.

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