New Games!

We got two new games yesterday: Valkerie Profile: Silmeria and Dirge of Cerebus.

My husband, a big VP fan, started Silmeria and I started Dirge of Cerebus when he took a break.

We immediately realized two things:
1. We had each chosen to play games directly out of our interest range.
2. We were both in need of serious practice to play either of them.

VP: Silmeria is a new style of RPG, part turn based/part platform. Each character is controlled by an assigned button. No fancy fighting moves (other than finishing strikes), just a lot of savage pack attacking with license to button mash. My husband is enjoying it, but a lot of the game play and atmosphere is much more my style of game.

Dirge of Cerebus is a first person shooter. Of course, you can change the camera angle at anytime to walk around as Vincent and the camera automatically changes for a limit break. The controls, my husband tells me, are exactly the same as Mercenaries. You direct Vincent with the left analog, but camera angle and aim for the gun happens with the right analog. Oh, and you have to count bullets. I'm really liking the game (the mounted gun turrets are awesome!) but this game is more my husband's style.

Needless to say, we were thanking God for the tutorials. Dirge of Cerebus' tutorial is out of game and has two modes. VP: Silmeria's tutorial is in game. The funniest part about all of this is watching us *not* take advice from each other. Platforms are my bag, baby! But trying to show my husband the way through a dungeon can be killer. And shooters love my husband, but man am I bad handing over the controller for pointers.

Maybe I should look at this as a sort of marriage therapy where we learn to take each other's advice better?

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