Comfort Games

The New Gamer Journal has posted on comfort games. Like comfort food, these are the games that keep you sane after stressful days, weeks, or months. Check the link for the list on New Gamer. Here are mine. What are yours?

Shadow Hearts (PS2)- the Original. I play this game whenever I want something comfortable and familiar, but also, deep and creepy. I have a running game saved on my memory card to pick up any time I want.

SimCity (PSX) - give me a box of Russian tea cakes and controller. I won't move for hours. This game got me through some tough semesters in college, and gained me 20lbs.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PSX) - If I want a little fun, SotN always provides 32bit goodness (as well as jokes about Gaibon and Slogra).

Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
(PS2) - because sometimes you need to beat something to death, and a whip just makes it fun.

Rayman (Jaguar and PSX) - here's a blast from the past. The original Atari man will have me glued to a screen for days for some comfort play with a guy that has no arms and no legs.

Runner Up:
Bubble Bobble 2: Rainbow Island

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