I am getting ready to start a few cosplay costumes for myself and friends, but until I had some pictures, I thought I'd give you guys some cool cosplay links.



Here are some great cosplayers. I chose costumes based on sewing prowess and make up.

Aerith from FF7 - This girl has Aerith down.

A Kyungup Hyun illustration brought to life. - I've seen a few people do this for Amy Brown's work. Beautiful!

Nazgul - Check out those gauntlets!

Auron - I think he should have frosted his hair more, but the costume is fantastic.

Dalek - an unconventional and awesome costume.

Cosplay hints and help:

* Work with the body you've got.
I could never pull off Yuna, Rikku, or any other super skinny girl and I don't try because it makes the costume I worked so hard on look really bad. This also works in reverse. A 120lb girl cannot pull off Lulu.

* Take your time.
Don't rush a costume. I tried rushing a Lenneth (Valkyrie Profile) costume for a friend and ended up with a bad looking helmet.

* You don't need expensive materials.
All you need is time and a careful hand.

* If it isn't right, rip it apart, and start again.
I did a Lulu costume for one of my students and ended up tearing the skirt apart twice before I got it right.

* Watch the gender bending.
Some guys can pull of girls and with the massive amount of bishies out there, some girls can certainly pull off guys. My friend Julia pulled off a spectaular Link (Zelda) and here is a great Roxas (Kingdom Hearts). But here's a word of warning: I don't care how much you love the show/character/anime/video game no one wants to see this, this , or this.

* A good wig costs money but manipulating your hair looks better.
If I weren't an 200lb woman, I'd have an Albel (Star Ocean 3) costume bagged in three months just by letting my hair grow out so all I'd have is blonde tips. Cheap wigs are a pain to manipulate. If you go with one, get instructions on how to style doll wigs. Good wigs are expensive, as are falls and wefts. If you put the money into a wig, take care of it and practice wearing it. But remember, you can always grow your hair out.

* Get a copy of any of Kevin Lecoin's books.
The man was THE make up master and will show you how to make yourself look like any one or anything.

And last but not least: Lee Teng-hui cosplays!

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