Ten Myths of Gaming

Lloyd Case brings us a very well thought out article on Ten Myths of Gaming, hitting violence in games and hand held games being too simple. Here's a quick run down, and my two cents.

Myth 1: The Playstation 3 will fail.
I don't agree with Lloyd on this one. I firmly believe, based on historical evidence, that the PS3 will fail.

Myth 2: PC Games are doomed.
I'm really tired of hearing this one. It's just like the board game contingent. Whenever something knew in gaming comes out, people scream that board games are going to die. Just shut it. If all the MMOGs, Sims, and 88th installment of Myst is any indication, PC games are here to stay with all their gooey goodness.

Myth 3:You need a $500 graphics card.
What? Since when? Midranged hardware will do you well. The only people who need $500 graphics cards are movie studio editting rooms and digital preservation departments in large research libraries. (A plug for Sarah and Jules.)

Myth 4: Comsole Games are for twich players.
I guess these people never heard of RPGs, very few of which aren't turn based and need no button mashing.

Myth 5: Handheld games are for kids.
That's why I own a GBA and a DS. Because I'm not an adult with a degree, a well paying job, and a husband. I'm two and love games like Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, Golden Sun, and Kingdom Hearts. Give me a break.

Myth 6: Console Games are too simple.
Get off the PC gaming pedestal! Down! Right now! If I have to hear that Final Fantasy X, Shadow of the Colossus, Halo, Parasite Eve, Beyond Good and Evil, and Shadow Hearts are simple games one more time, I'm going to tie every single 'PC only' gamer down and make them figure out that Tidus is dead before you get to Zanarkand.

Myth 7: PC Games are too complicated.
Yeah. Solitaire and Mine Sweeper are complicated. Yes, Myst was in depth, complicated, and its sequel, Riven, was almost impossible, but PC games have exactly the same amount of difficultly and story as any console game: as much as the developers put in it.

Myth 8: PC Copy protection is too onerous.
One bad apple ruins the bunch, eh? But let's remember people: the sale of these games puts food on someone's table, and if you want to see more good games, you are going to have to vote with your cash.

Myth 9: Games are too violent.
Jack Thompson anyone? First it was Dungeons and Dragons. And then it was Vampire: The Masquerade. And now it's video games. Everything is the cause of society's ills except... society. Grow up and show some responsibility. Video games, when taken on the whole, aren't violent. The most violent game I've ever seen is God of War, and do we hear an up roar about that? No, we hear about Grand Theft Auto because a bunch of morons refuse to be held accoutnable for their actions. It's like saying your rice crispies made you do something.

Myth 10: I'm embarrassed about gaming.
Why? It's a multi-billion dollar industry covering everything from board games to video games. Everyone games in some way, shape, or form whether playing Texas Hold'em Poker or Pokemon. I'm a gamer and I'm proud of it! Because of gaming, I've become a better multi-tasker and am less stressed in a very stressful job. Because of gaming, I've acted as an official consultant to large library systems looking to introduce gaming to pull more people into the library. And it works too.

You are a gamer. Shout it from the roof tops!

Video games are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

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