SanDisk Vs iPod: Round One!

SanDisk is stepping up to the iPod challenge!

Apple has market saturation, iTunes, and a hard drive loaded into every iPod.

SanDisk has lower prices, the ability to play WMA and MP3, and a flash drive, which SanDisk makes.

Apple has ridiculously high prices for their machines, can only play M4P, and a recall on half of its batteries.

SanDisk has lower capacity, small market share, and bad advertising.

So who will win this battle of the bands?

My money is on Microsoft.

Didn't see that one coming, huh?

Microsoft has proven time and again that they can come in and steal any thunder Apple has or tries to make. So the iPod's been around a while and has iTunes? So what? All of the iPods are terribly overpriced. Plenty of small companies are putting out MP3 players with just as much capacity as an iPod that can store more music. iPod's single file style will kill it.

My MSI mega stick has the same capacity as the iPod Shuffle 512, cost me less, has a screen that let's me see my music, plays MP3 and WMA, and holds more files.

I'll be perfectly honest here: I don't want an iPod unless I can get the sucker free. Hence the 'Evil iPod Designs' to the right. And if my touching it can kill iPod, all the better.

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