The Dream is Alive!

E3 was the dream of many a gamer. Being trade only, you had to work for someone, have a press pass, or be lucky enough to be invited by an exhibitor. Now that E3 has tanked, it seems our dreams are crushed.

Or are they?

With E3 downsizing, someone will have to take the reigns and PAX stands ready to make a monkey out of ESA.

As Gabe wrote: We already knew PAX was the best gaming festival in North America and after today's announcement from the ESA it's also the biggest. With a projected attendace of something like 13 thousand people and exhibitors like Nintendo, Ubisoft, Microsoft and ATI PAX is in position to pick up where E3 left off. Apparently we're not the only ones who noticed either.

And PAX, being the smart con that it is, is open to the public and gamer centric. Gamers of all manner will soon have access to what was only dreamed of before: E3 material. No longer will I be forced to watch E3 from the puter screen and rely on the words of often biassed insiders. No longer will I have to sit through endless articles about multi-million dollar deals to find out that Assassin's Creed is looking great.

And whether ESA wants to admit it or not, exhibitors want these collosal venues to show their stuff.

In a place like PAX, they won't get dollar driven feedback. They will get HONEST feedback.

Real gamers, as in the ones spending the money, will tell them what they want and will even go so far as to tell them how to do it. The advice comes free and isn't 'test marketted.' Games that gamers want (Beyond Good and Evil) will get noticed by fans, generate their own buzz, and explode onto the market.

This beautiful thing should have happened years ago. The Dream is Alive! Give gaming to the Geeks!

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