I hear ya

OMG! Girlz Don't Exist on teh Intarweb!!!1

Remember that whole rant on the objectification of women in video games?

This is another reason why girls hate it:

Because guys think that we can't possibly want to play games.

I couldn't possibly want to play Red Ninja (and cut my enemies in half).
I couldn't possibly want to play GTA (and gun down annoying passersby).
I couldn't possibly want to play Tomb Raider (and blow stuff up).
I'm a girl and I couldn't possibly need stress relief.


I had this problem on Poppit! once, in chat. People assummed I was a guy because I decided to use my initials and a random number for my screen name instead of something 'cute' (read: sickening).

Why do I have to prove that I'm a girl? Why is a guy accepted immediately, but girls are required to post pics? Why do guys on the internet assume that girls who use the internet and/or game are ugly?

And if you don't think they assume that, post a pic and watch them scream that it's not you because you look good.

It's one of the reasons I don't post pictures of myself.

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