Worth Waiting For...

Don't have an Xbox 360? Is it just too expensive? Don't worry. Microsoft is coming to the rescue...

By dropping the price by a hundred bucks when the PS3 makes its debute!

Sneaky! Sneaky!

Microsoft is redesigning Xbox components to make them cheaper and be able to drop the Xbox price. Microsoft will still lose money on the console, but what they are doing is a time honored trick in the Wal-Mart world: drop your price so low your competitor cannot compete. If microsoft edges sony out of the console war, they are free to price their consoles however they like.

Sony, which plans to launch the PS3 with a whopping (yes, that's sarcastic) ten games, is going to hit sink or swim this fall. They will, of course, sink. What with all the extra weight, also known as the God-forsaken Blu-Ray. Time to pull out my funeral gear.

Of course, neither of the giants are considering Nintendo a threat, which is a big mistake. Regardless of the horrible name change, the Wii may take them all down.

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