What Hollywood Can Learn from Video Games

Game Daily Biz has an excellent article by David Radd on what Hollywood can learn from the gaming industry.

Radd does an excellent job, but he left out one important thing Hollywood needs to learn from gaming:

People want stories.

Most people don't give a rat's hinder portion whether or not the movie has exciting special effects or big name actors. We want stories. And if Lord of the Rings was any indictation, we'll sit for a long time just to see a good one.

We want a story with a plot and characters we can believe. We want a story that means something to us and leaves us with a sense of having, at least vicariously, accomplished a task of great magnitude if only by cheering on the good guys.

In video games, we've got stories: Star Ocean, dot.Hack, Final Fantasy.

We'll beat each other with sticks to get to a good story when there's one copy left on the shelf at EB Games. We salivate over good stories. Good stories give us a reason to continue with even the most difficult games (Devil May Cry 3), the most frightening games (Silent Hill: The Room), and the most frustrating games (Prince of Persia: any of them).

We want a story that makes us believe that the world is worth fighting for (Final Fantasy 1-infinity), that friendship will sustain us in our trials (Kingdom Hearts), and that we can over come any odds for love (Shadow of the Colossus).

Give us a story. A real story. And you won't be able to keep us out of the theatre.

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