Web Comics Worth Reading

Here's my favorite web comics. How did these mighties get on my list? They managed to keep me hooked everyday. Are they in any particular order? Nope.

8-bit Theatre @ Nuklearpower
8-bit love with the original Final Fantasy I cast.

CVRPG (Castlevania RPG)
Not a day goes by that I don't wonder what horrible trouble Xavier Darkmoon's got himself in. For a Castlevania whore like me, this comic is a rare gem.

Bunny: the Book of Random
Bunny features... bunnies. Not all of them are cute and adorable. Don't worry, Orange. I wish I could have loaded a few colossi with explosives too.

Dinosaur Comics
This is one of the funniest comics I've ever found. The art never changes, in fact, it always stays exactly the same. But, the comic never fails to amuse.

Sluggy Freelance
I'll be honest, I love the old stuff better than the new, but I still can't stop reading. Watch out for the kittens...

Red Meat
You have to be a real geek or a real psycho to get this comic. Luckily, I am both.

Pocket Hands
Jimi promised more, but he hasn't updated in a year. It's now dead, hence no link, but it still ranks as one of my favorite comics. Pocket Hands followed the adventures of Jimi and Kevin through college. Why Pocket Hands? Because Jimi can't draw hands.

Penny Arcade
They're already on the roll, but also deserve a nod here.

Order of the Stick
Stick figure love and a gamer's delight. This is the only place where AD&D means Attention Deficit Disorder.

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