Castlevania Movie

My worst fears and hopes are soon to clash. Castlevania will be a movie.

Writers are hoping to take the franchise into the film arena with a movie on Dracula's origins and the fight with the Belmonts. Whether or not it will be a movie version of Lament of Innocence is yet to be seen. Though the original announcement came out in 2005, it wasn't until now that we're hearing some real buzz. The film will be written and directed by Paul Anderson and produced by Jeremy Bolt.

Bolt is responsible for the Resident Evil films and Anderson is responsible for the Mortal Kombat films.

Take that as you will.

As a Castlevania whore, I am crossing my fingers and praying it won't be totally lame. But I know I'm going to be crying.

Bolt is promising homage to the previous games and the appearance of Vampire Killer.

All I have to say is that Konami better release a really good game at the same time to make up for the future debacle.

To clean the palette, here's some new Portrait of Ruin shots.

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