Nintendo Has Gone Off the Deep End

It's official! Nintendo's newest console, codenamed Revolution, is going to be called Wii.

As in We.

You know, as in 'We are so not going to buy it.'

I lost my faith in Nintendo years ago (the child Link and the refusal to make decent games for the plethora of consoles being a big part of that), and this just drove the last nail in the coffin.

According to Nintendo, the new name stems from the new gaming experience they want to engender. Namely, a communal one. Apparently, Nintendo thinks that gamers go it solo too much. You'd think the popularity of sports games, DDR, multiplayer adventures, MMORPG's, and competitive gaming conventions would have convinced them that video games are a community event. Then again, people who aren't gamers don't get it either, so I shouldn't be surprised. Nintendo is so far removed from its customer base its atrocious and the new name of the Revolution just proves it (just in case the new controller didn't).

The website reports that they also named the console Wii because of the controller. That's right. The controller. The one that, with the attachment, looks like a set of nunchucks. You can, in a sense of community, beat your friends senseless with it. It'll be great! I can see the headlines now: Youth Enraged By New Console Beats Friend To Death With Nunchuck Controller.

It'd be beautiful. *sniff*

But you know what? I think I know what's going on. I think Nintendo is trying to kill itself. I honestly think they are trying to put themselves under. The only reason I have to not think that is the console is backward compatible to the GameCube, and you can download any previous Nintendo game onto the system from the web.

Think about it:
Every Zelda
Every Mario
Classics like Bubble Bobble and Tetris
Maybe even...
Life Force

God, I love Life Force. I'd give a whole lot to be able to play it again.

Anyway, E3 is where the Wii goes down. Or maybe up depending on when Nintendo plans to launch and if they actually launch with games to play. We all know how bad Nintendo is about that. So I'll end with that. Penny Arcade said it best anyway.

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