Wallie-World vs Gamers

Lately, game publishers have come under increasing scrutiny do to dealings with Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is the single laregest supplier of video games in the US. As such, they get to say what American consumers see and don't see. They, in fact, have enough power that if Wal-Mart refuses to carry a game, the publisher will nix it entirely.

How many incredible games are going down the toilet because of Wal-Mart?

This reminds me of the music industry. Music industry sales went south years ago and have consistantly stayed low. Instead of blaming the lack of good music, the industry blames their own consumers and starts suing them for theft. What a great way to treat your customer base, huh?

This is what will happen to video games if publishers don't get their acts together and focus on game stores that specialize in their product such as EB Games. When you sell a product, you should be interested in your consumers, not your middle men.

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