Origins of a Title

Okay, so the original link took you to Penny Arcade, but that's only part of the story. Specifically the back half, or rear end portion if you will.

The story starts with my dice.

I have a lot.

Several handmade bags full, in fact.

Among my bags of dice, however, are the Holy Grails of Dicedom, the 'Crit Machines.' These dice roll critical hits so often it's scary. None of these twenty sided monsters is modified or weighted. I don't roll them a special way or have any other tricks up my sleeve. They just roll twenties.

Because of this, several friends are of the opinion that I can 'pick'em.' I.e., I have some sort of magical ability to choose the dice that will roll critical hits all the time. Maybe I do and maybe I don't. I chose a set for Sarah. It rolls crits for me just fine. It rolls critical failures for her. Maybe the dice just love me?

Anyway, after years of rolling impressive numbers in DnD and other d20 using games, I read this.

And that's the origin of the title.

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