The color, not the singer.

In an effort to hook girl gamers, Nintendo is offering the GBA in pink.

Way to go guys. Good job.

Analysts have said for years that more women would play video games if they didn't feel so objectified. Well guess what? Pink Game Boys don't help. I'm sure there's a market for it, but instead of GBA's of every color, why not one color with several 'skins' that you can choose between. I don't know... Maybe a Legend of Zelda skin? (hint, hint)

The GBA is one of the top selling systems in the industry. It's small, portable, relatively inexpensive, and can play a library of over 850 games. But a pink GBA is not going to hook girls you didn't already have. We are getting to the point where systems are so crappy we only buy them for one good game (I'm looking at you Nintendo DS).

If you really want to hook girls, don't give us multi-colored systems (which we buy cases to cover and protect anyway). Give us good games that don't make us feel like a fourteen year old is playing it somewhere just to get his jollies. If Tri-Ace (Star Ocean; Radiata Stories) can get this straight, you can too.

And another thing: You are not allowed to publish more than one Barbie game a year. I don't have anything against Barbie, but I'm tired of seeing all the Barbie games. Magic Princess Barbie blah blah blah does not interest anyone over a certain age (six, maybe seven). If you want to hook us, try something a little more grown up. Here's a free hint: Girls like Final Fantasy.

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