How Doping Hurts the Game

So the newest book on doping, specifically about Barry Bonds, has hit the stands. I wish baseball would use the 'Best Interest of the Game' clause and get rid of him. Why? Because he, and other steroid users hurt the game.

Think about it.

Here comes the next baseball hopeful, he's a good player and boy can he hit! He can hit them out of the park all day long. He's aiming for a record. And he's never used a steroid.

But the fans won't believe that. And neither will the media. Or anyone else for that matter.


Because of people like Bonds. If your a good slugger, you must be on steroids. That's what this entire situation tells us. If you can hit it out of the park, it doesn't matter how many blood tests you take or if you're monitorred 24/7, you're a doper.

Thank you, Bonds. You've ruined the game.

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