Delay of Launch

Sony is delaying the PS3. Again. This time it's slated for November. Though Sony says that it's a marketing move based on problems with Blu-Ray, analysts are saying that Sony is having a hard time controlling the cost of the machine.

In that case, releasing it in November would be an excellent strategy.

With November and particularly Black Friday being the 'official' start of the holiday shopping season, even an out-of-control price (to the tune of $500) won't be too much for Christmas shoppers. Though Sony will be behind the XBox 360 in nearly a years worth of release, the 360 still doesn't have enough games to interest me enough to buy the system.

Sony has the rights to several game franchises that even non-serious gamers will be interested in: Gran Turismo, Castlevania, Shadow Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Devil May Cry. Formerly released games, such as old arcade games and the more recent Resident Evil, are being re-released for Playstation. The XBox has Halo.

Halo is made by Bungie studios. How long do you think it will be before Sony offers them more money than Microsoft for their hit soon-to-be franchise?

So as not to leave out the last competitor in the market, we also have Nintendo. The Revolution is scheduled for release this year with a controller that looks like a tv remote. The new controller is an interesting touch, but it won't appeal to the gamers who really want that 'hands on' feel. Despite Nintendo's drop in sales for the last few years, due to system expansion with little in the way of games to play on the system, Nintendo will survive. Even if the Revolution is a total flop, Nintendo still has their ace in the hole: Zelda.

So long as Nintendo retains the rights to the Zelda franchise, they will always stay afloat. Zelda is the non-serious gamer's big interest and the serious gamer's mecca. Bringing back the 'adult' Link will make sales sky-rocket. Even if Nintendo's system production would go under, the gaming department would survive (if only on Mario and Zelda), much like Sega who now produces games for every platform available. In fact, let's all encourage this for Nintendo. I'm sick of only having one game to play on the DS (ie Castlevania). Nintendo launches too many systems with little to no games supporting it. The DS currently has 159 games; few of which can be found anywhere, including in EB Games. Of course, few of the games interest me anyway, because a good deal of them are scaled down versions of bigger Nintendo and PS2 games.

Anyway, back to the PS3. Pushing it off till November would be a good thing, but stop trying to make it into a home computer. The DVD player and the ability to play previously released games for the PSX and PS2 is perfectly fine. The Blu-Ray is a beautiful idea, but I think you Sony (and Microsoft and Nintendo) should take a quick look at the Gamer's Manifesto. Shiniery games are nice, but all we really want is good games to play. So the new PS3 will let me connect to the internet for superior gaming. Big deal. It just means I don't have to use my computer to blog about how crappy an idea it is.

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