Silent Hill Movie

Silent Hill, in the fashion of Resident Evil and Doom, is hitting the big screen. So what will save this movie from being cliched and doomed to obscurity? It appears to be a real horror movie.

The movie, starring Radha Mitchell, follows the story of Rose whose daughter is dying of a fatal illness. In a desperate attempt to save her daughter, she heads for a faith healer and ends up in Silent Hill.

The trailer is seriously creepy and disturbing on many levels. From the trailer, the movie appears to incorporate the best parts of each game while working a new and haunting story. It starts with Rose's daughter, Sharon, having dreams about Silent Hill, similar to the letters that James receives in Silent Hill 2. There is a car wreck when Rose tries to avoid one of the 'living' shadows that is a replica of the first Silent Hill when Harry wrecks avoiding a shadow and his daughter Cheryl disappears. The 'shadow babies' and freakish monsters look exactly like they do in the games.

The Silent Hill in the movie is located in West Virginia, moving the location of the cursed town yet again and, in my opinion, raising the bar of disturbing. Rather than making the games, comics, and now movie silly with a moving town, it demonstrates that Silent Hill could be anywhere.

The release date is April 21,2006. Here's to hoping it will live up to Silent Hill's frightening fame.

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