Shoes and Lacing Them!

I love Stumble Upon! It's one of the best firefox downloads available.

Today, Stumble brought me to Ian's Shoelace Site.

Now, I know I can tie my shoes. I learned in kindergarten when the six graders were forced to help us. I just didn't know that tying my shoes could be awesome! If you check out the section on shoe lacing methods, my style is at the very end: Lock Lacing. I learned this technique from a great small business shoe seller in college. Alas, the shoe seller is gone! I've tied my shoes like that ever since. Now, I'm itching to try one of the other lacing styles. Twisty Lacing looks really cool.

And just to make this geekier, the name of the tips on the ends of your shoes are called aglets. There's a whole section on repairing them.

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