Fan Art!

One of my 'This Army Life' readers has sent me some fan art! These two are clones number 13 and 14. To learn more about who they are, click the fan fiction button on the blog roll.

This fan art belongs to Koichi. No stealing!

Crimson and Veridian Rooms

Crimson Room and Veridian Room were created by fasco-cs.com as shareware and ask for a donation if you enjoyed the games. Both puzzle solvers are point and click, and involve some intricate puzzle solving skills. The games can be played in both English and Japanese. The idea is that you are stuck in the room. You have to solve the puzzle to get out. You leave the Crimson Room and end up stuck in the Veridian Room. Each room is viewable, but un-enterable, from the last. Very creepy, but very cool.

You need flash and shockwave for these games.

Also released:
Blue Chamber
White Chamber


A Cappella Nintendo Themes!

All your favorite 80's nintendo themes as performed by the a cappella group of the university of Wisconsin-Madison. Includes Super Mario Brothers and ends with The Legend of Zelda!

This is a devilducky video link and requires flash to view:
Redefined: A Cappella Nintendo


Ultimate Flash Sonic

Our favorite hedgehog is back in a fan made flash game! You can choose between Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, or Cream and blast your way through three new levels of fun!

Ultimate Flash Sonic

Note: If the title didn't tip you off, you need flash to run this game.


Travelling Game: Pediddle

Anyone from the New England states should know this one. This is a traveling game and its for night play. You need to stay awake on a night drive? This one's for you.


A Pediddle is a car that has one headlight blown out.

1. When you see a pediddle go by, you can declare a game of pediddle.
2. You can only spot a pediddle in on coming traffic. Cars behind you or on bridges above you do not count. Also, motorcycles cannot be pediddles.
3. When you spot a car with one headlight out, yell 'PEDIDDLE!'
4. The first person to yell pediddle for a particular car gets one point.
5. The person with the most points at the end of the trip wins.


Travel Game: All My Cows

All My Cows is for drives through the country side, long trips, and keeping the kids quiet.

1. You can only count the cows on your side of the car.
2. If you pass a cemetery on your side of the car, all your cows die.
3. The one with the most cows at the end of the trip wins!

Shift by White Kiwi

Shift is a great game for relaxing. It's a point and click, puzzle solver. To play this game, you need sound and I suggest turning it way up. The music and the visuals are clues to solving the puzzles.

Now here's the kicker for FF7 fans: the little green guy's name is Aeris. And his mission is to save the planet. I love homage!

The track for the second level of the game is 'Send and Receive' by Tycho. Tycho is definitely worth a look if you enjoy Shift's music style.



I discovered Bowman a long time ago thanks to Milk and Cookies. It consists of two stick figures shooting arrows at each other. You can play against the computer or against a friend. The play is simple, involving angles and bow tension. You really only need to point and click.

A very cathartic game.


Shoes and Lacing Them!

I love Stumble Upon! It's one of the best firefox downloads available.

Today, Stumble brought me to Ian's Shoelace Site.

Now, I know I can tie my shoes. I learned in kindergarten when the six graders were forced to help us. I just didn't know that tying my shoes could be awesome! If you check out the section on shoe lacing methods, my style is at the very end: Lock Lacing. I learned this technique from a great small business shoe seller in college. Alas, the shoe seller is gone! I've tied my shoes like that ever since. Now, I'm itching to try one of the other lacing styles. Twisty Lacing looks really cool.

And just to make this geekier, the name of the tips on the ends of your shoes are called aglets. There's a whole section on repairing them.


Silent Hill Movie

Silent Hill, in the fashion of Resident Evil and Doom, is hitting the big screen. So what will save this movie from being cliched and doomed to obscurity? It appears to be a real horror movie.

The movie, starring Radha Mitchell, follows the story of Rose whose daughter is dying of a fatal illness. In a desperate attempt to save her daughter, she heads for a faith healer and ends up in Silent Hill.

The trailer is seriously creepy and disturbing on many levels. From the trailer, the movie appears to incorporate the best parts of each game while working a new and haunting story. It starts with Rose's daughter, Sharon, having dreams about Silent Hill, similar to the letters that James receives in Silent Hill 2. There is a car wreck when Rose tries to avoid one of the 'living' shadows that is a replica of the first Silent Hill when Harry wrecks avoiding a shadow and his daughter Cheryl disappears. The 'shadow babies' and freakish monsters look exactly like they do in the games.

The Silent Hill in the movie is located in West Virginia, moving the location of the cursed town yet again and, in my opinion, raising the bar of disturbing. Rather than making the games, comics, and now movie silly with a moving town, it demonstrates that Silent Hill could be anywhere.

The release date is April 21,2006. Here's to hoping it will live up to Silent Hill's frightening fame.


Shadow of the Colossus

I finished Shadow of the Colossus two weeks ago and I've been letting it all sink in. Before I go on, I'd like to say that I haven't played ICO. (ducks the rotten tomatoes) I actually think that's helped me in that I took SotC on its on merits rather than comparing it to its predecessor.

SotC is phenomenal! It's story is simple and explained with visuals rather than dialogue or narration. You control the character Wander. His love, Mono, was sacrificed to save her from a cursed fate. He wants to bring her back from the dead and so he seeks the lands at the very end of the world and the help of a spirit named Dormin. Dormin does not promise that it can bring Mono back, but it does say that it might be possible because Wander possesses an ancient sword. He must destroy the colossal incarnations of sixteen idols in order to bring about Mono's resurrection.

With the promise of might, Wander sets out.

You don't level or power up in this game. You start out with the magic sword. Besides that, you have a bow, endless arrows (you'll need them), and your incredible ability to hold on for dear life. Your only living companion is Agro, a large black stallion. He's your constant friend and always finds his way to you no matter where you are. And thank God, because he's the only other living thing you interact with. Besides the colossi, you are utterly alone in your mission.

Each colossus is a puzzle. First you have to figure out how to get on it and then you have to figure out how to stay on it while trying to find its weak points. Each colossus is progressively harder than the last. You must learn to use your surroundings to your advantage and not be afraid to be in the line of fire when a colossus decides to come after you.

Because the story is so simple, you can't really say anything about it without giving away too much. For those of you who would like spoilers and the story before Dormin, checked out the Wikipedia entry.

Everyone who enjoys the game has a favorite colossus. Mine is number 7: Hydrus. My favorite part about him is that you can see his spines sparkling from far above the water. At a close second is Number 13: Phalanx. He's a battle you must be on Agro's back for.

The Bottom Line:
1. Rent this title before you buy. It is not for everyone.
2. This game is also a title to be played alone. Your friends aren't going to be able to help you unless one of them has GameFaqs ready.
3. This game has many of the elements of a spiritual and artistic experience.
4. You will not be able to run through this game to get to 'story' scenes and parts. The story is visual in the changes Wander, Mono, and Agro go through as the game progresses.

Game On!

I roll twenties. I own no less than 6 crit machines that are unweighted and roll beautifully for all my characters. Except my D20 modern characters. They apparently don't count.

I game. I game a lot.

'They' say that gaming leads to witchcraft and other nefarious things.

'They' are wrong.

Gaming leads to Mountain Dew and Dorititos.

Welcome to the insanity.